The sea cackled, “You’re mine”
and you never let me go.
The calm returned that morning, but the rations had been swept away
with the tide
Exhausted and sopping wet,
we stared at each other in our water filled life-boat
Knowing-without having to say it- that we were done for
There was no ride into the sunset, no white dresses or suits of armor,
But we held hands, and looked up at the sky.
I leaned against you, and you leaned against me
and somehow that was enough.



Do not fool yourself into thinking that you are some how to blame for someone’s unfaithfulness.

Do not compare yourself; Do not cross-examine yourself; Do not sit and wonder in what ways you weren’t pretty enough, or good enough. Or what it was you could have done differently.

People cheat not because they are lacking something in their relationship, but because they are lacking something in themselves.

It is not your fault that castles cannot be built on eroded foundations.